Yoga Pod

Yoga Pod

As our name implies, we are a company always look to grow, expand, and of course, Evolve. We are always looking towards the horizon for new ideas about how to get on the water that is both fun and exciting. This has lead us to develop an industry leading brand full of unique race board and surf board designs. As well as the implementation of our Flow Motion Fitt brand featuring our fitness mats that get people exercising on the water inside where it may not be readily available or in weather not suitable for outdoor paddling. With this drive of innovation and implementation we are proud to introduce our Evolve Yoga Pod. 

Consisting of an inflated center mat, measuring at 8'x6'8''x8'' thick, this platform is the perfect spot for any yoga or paddling instructor to anchor down and do what they do best- offer advice and teach paddling or yoga! Along with this comes the ability to anchor eight boards to the center inflatable for easy use of large paddling groups and yoga boards on inflatables of any kind. The ease of access and the ability to anchor to the center pod make it the perfect way to enjoy the water for classes and give ease of access to the instructors during the classes. This pretty much eliminates the annoyance of being lost in the back of the class as well as the inability to hear instructors during classes which can be a common occurrence for outdoor practices and classes. 

Members of the classes will still receive out top of the line, durable inflatable boards with cross-stitching and rigid structure which make paddling an inflatable board incredibly enjoyable and hard to detect that you are actually standing on air. Our stainless rings on the front and back of the boards makes anchoring to the center piece a breeze with the use of a durable bungee or whatever your preferred method may be. With this ease comes the freedom for paddlers to make their way through the water before class and after class to give them not only a great yoga experience, but paddling experience as well. 

Of course, it is not lost on us as to who will benefit from this design. Anyone with a SUP yoga business, SUP rental business, or even vacation spots looking to expand options for their customers- we guarantee you will not only find our pod the best in the industry but incredibly fun for every customer that has the luck of using one. 

Look for our Yoga Pod on the water, and if you get a chance to take a class on one, we suggest you do! It is an experience unlike any other. 

We are very proud of our design, the durability of our products, and our drive to keep things interesting on the water. As long as you keep paddling on the water, we'll keep evolving our products to fit your needs. And like always, we look forward to seeing you paddling at your favorite spot!