We are Evolve Boards


Our Mission

Whether you’re a first time paddler, a fitness fanatic, or just someone who loves to be on the water, Evolve wants to grow with you.

You understand that the only constant in life is change, and you look for new ways to expand your horizons. We get it. Evolve is based on these same principles. Our thirst to stay on the cutting edge of paddleboard technology keeps up seeking out the best way to design our product.

Our lifestyle boards feature specific attributes that will enhance whatever your favorite pastime may be- from yoga, to fishing, to competitive racing, to the surf. Deciding to ride an Evolve paddleboard will leave you with endless possibilities for growth, as we continue to change and seek the best that life has to offer together.

Who we are

Like all good things, Evolve comes from humble beginnings. What started as an interest in paddleboarding developed into a hobby, and eventually became a passion. After becoming closely connected to the paddleboarding industry, we began to notice a void in the market. We recognized the opportunity to make paddleboarding accessible to a wider range of adventure-seekers. With this endeavor in mind, our product line began to take shape-literally!

What we do

Having a home base on the east coast of the US, Evolve is influenced by its unique waterways and conditions. With plenty of places to explore in flat water, surf, and everything in between, our team’s experiences have been instrumental in the development of the boards. Starting with the goal that our boards would create the perfect marriage of affordability, performance, and personalization, we crafted a lineup that caters to the needs of paddlers from beginner to elite. Unlike other ‘pop-up’ paddleboard companies that might cut corners or offer limited options, Evolve takes pride in seeking quality materials while offering variety that helps each paddler find a board that fits their personality.

Where we are based

West Ocean City,
Maryland 21842

Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 10:30pm
Saturday, 8:30am - 10:30pm
Sunday, 8:30am - 10:30pm

Contact us

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