Evolve SUP Race Boards: The Lineup

Evolve SUP Race Boards: The Lineup

At Evolve, we’re fans of every aspect of SUP. From cruising, touring, surf, yoga, and even racing, we enjoy it all.

That is why our lineup is full of boards designed to be the best in every section of the activity. 

Through years of testing, pushing past our limits, and tweaking our designs, we believe we’ve created the best boards for the SUP enthusiast to have the ultimate time on the water. 

And when it comes to race boards, we’ve personally been involved in almost hundreds of races over the years where we’ve put our boards and our bodies to the ultimate test. 

It was during these struggles that we came to learn what worked in our training regimen and what didn’t. As well as what designs performed above the rest. 

After we compiled this information, we continuously went back to the design board and tweaked every race board shape we had. 

That is…

Until our latest models were released earlier this year. 

Through personal testing, blood, sweat, and a few tears here and there, we’ve now created the ultimate speed machines for you racing fanatics. 

Interested in learning about our lineup of raceboards? Come along with us on this journey of discovery into what makes Evolve boards your go-to developer for the ultimate racing experience. 

The Boards

Our carbon fiber race boards are cut and shaped right here in the USA. That means you'll be getting hand made quality products crafted in our own backyard. This also allows us to ensure the quality of our boards before they change hands to you — our customers. 

To see a first hand peak behind the scenes check out this short video:

With that stated, let's get into our full lineup! 

Our flagship raceboard, and the ultimate speed demon on the water has to be our 14’x23’’ Killer Bee. 

Killer Bee 14’ x 23’’

This board is the product of years spent by our team researching, testing, and developing the ideal SUP race style performance board. The Killer Bee is offered in two different constructions: carbon or fiberglass. Both models feature lightweight designs and flat rocker lines with open water bows, helping you to glide effortlessly past the pack. The rail architecture gives unmatched secondary stability, while the tail’s shape releases water with ease. If you want just one board to conquer the field in your next race — choose the Killer Bee. 

Queen Bee 12’6’’ x 25’’

If you can only own 1 board to do it all —l here it is. The perfect race board for females and light weight men. It's lower volume and bulbous nose makes it easy to maneuver, get to top speed quickly and then stay there at minimum effort. It's higher, square rail design makes its secondary stability second to none. This versatile shape is fast in flat water, choppy waves, and anything else you throw at it. It’s become a staple in our lineup for a reason — it a great board to paddle in any environment! 

Bumble Bee/Honey Bee 12’6’’ x 27’’/29’’

The perfect touring boards. The Bumble Bee is slightly more narrow than the Honey Bee, but they both perform fantastic on the flat water. This cutting bow style race board is the perfect sled for the person that wants to paddle for mileage, fun and also race.  It is stable at 27" wide but plenty fast in the flats. It’s great for entry level to advanced paddlers. It has a good balance of volume but is still light weight to carry. Comes with tie downs for those longer adventures, go pro mount to capture mother nature and a neoprene grip handle for easy carrying. This versatile shape is fast in flat water and cuts through the chop with its piercing bow.  

“Hot Air” Inflatable Raceboard 14’ x 27’’

That’s right — an inflatable raceboard! This board cuts through the flats like a hardboard but carries with it the convenience of an inflatable. No longer do you have to worry about strapping your board on top of your car in between sessions on the water. And forget about having to set aside extra storage space for your 14’ board. This is a great craft that combines the speed of a longer board with the convenience of an inflatable. Hop on top today and you might be surprised! 


As you can see, we have a board for every type of paddler. 

In the beginning of our journey into SUP and later with Evolve, we tested boards from almost every manufacturer. 

On each board, we discovered positives and glaring negatives. Some boards turned easy and didn’t get their noses buried on a crowded pivot turn. Others cut through the waves but were difficult to turn. 

Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel (even though in some instances we did), we decided to combine the positives of every board we tested into our lineup and combine them with our own special touch.

The results? We created the most innovative lineup of race boards on the market. 

Each Evolve SUP is guaranteed to carry the mark of approval from the racers on our team. 

And each board is designed with key features to allow you the fastest times on the water. 

These include a thicker nose to keep it from being buried in the ocean or on a buoy turn by increasing the volume up front. This also allows heavier riders to enjoy our boards with ease. 

Each board comes with a cut-in deck for a lower center of gravity without sacrificing speed on the flatwater. Added to this is a rail design that will allow you to lean heavy on one side when you’re paddling to use a strong stroke without tipping the board over — even on our 23” wide Killer Bee!

Each board has a flat rocker design to increase speed on the flat water while cutting through any chop from other racers or even the ocean’s waves. 

And each board features a square tail that is pulled in just enough to allow for easy turns and a quick release of water after each paddle stroke. 

If we were to describe our lineup of boards with a single word, it would have to be — balance

We aimed and succeeded in creating the perfect boards that bring the balance of speed, agility, quickness on turns, and float to the racing scene. 


When we completed our lineup of Evolve race boards we thought the shapes of our boards were perfect. 

And truth be told, we still believe this to be the case. 

But what we failed to take into account was the materials the boards were made with. It wasn’t enough to wrap fiberglass onto a foam core. 

We needed something light, fast, and durable. With this in mind, we changed our materials from fiberglass to carbon fiber. With an added touch of innegra when needed. 

This combination gave us the best performance to weight ratio. Now, we realize, other manufacturer's also use these lightweight materials. But where we separate ourselves is in the brushed carbon finish. 

To us, every ounce counts. And as racers ourselves, we want every advantage. If we can cut down on just a few ounces of weight we will. That's why we brush our carbon's paint off in order to make our boards the lightest they can be. Plus, it looks pretty cool too.

The result?

Our boards are light in the water and they’re even lighter to carry to and from your launch location. 

Not to mention any running beach starts you might have to conquer. 

With our speciality shapes and lightweight materials, you can rest assured the Evolve team will always be willing to use the best technological advancements for our lineup of raceboards. 


With all that stated, what does it add up to?


Our main concern when it comes to every board in our lineup is how they perform on the water. 

Whether you’re going on a joy ride, catching some waves, taking a tour, or leaving everyone in your wake during a race, we test, try, and tinker with our boards to provide you with the best performance on and off the water. 

We believe we’ve created the highest performing SUP race boards on the market. And we’re willing to keep evolving with the sport of SUP to make sure it stays that way. 

Interested in a demo? Contact us directly and we can set you up with a SUP outfitter near you to give our raceboards a try! See for yourself why we believe they’re the best boards for the ultimate performance on the water.