The Best Evolve Boards for Women

The Best Evolve Boards for Women

Best Evolve Paddle Boards for Women

Women make up a large percentage of the SUP world. This can easily be seen in any racing event. Any yoga class. And now, even on some of the best surf breaks around the world. 

This inclusion has made it an exciting time to be involved with the sport of SUP. 

However, just like every board doesn’t work for every rider, every board is also not built for a woman’s specific needs. 

To rectify this problem, the team at Evolve Boards decided to create boards that would work great for women, no matter the environment or activity they decided to pursue on a SUP. 

Even still, it can be difficult to decide on what board works for you. To gain a better understanding, we’re going to discuss what Evolve Boards are best for women – including in which environment and for what activity you like to partake in on a SUP. 

If after reading, you still have questions on what board you should purchase, send us a message and we will gladly help you out!  

What Are Your Needs?

The first and primary question you need to ask yourself is this - what are your needs when it comes to SUP?

More specifically - what activities do you plan on doing on your SUP?

There are different models that work great for flatwater paddling, SUP yoga, SUP surfing, and travel. 

Some boards are built with a specialty in mind, while others are more well-rounded. 

If you are a dedicated SUP yogi, you’ll want to purchase a board designed for SUP yoga. However, if you enjoy SUP surfing, you’ll want a board that will perform great in waves. 

But, if you want a board that can do all of these things, then it's wise to purchase a well-rounded board. 

So, take a brief moment right here to ask yourself - what activity do I want to participate in when I am on the water?

With that question answered, we can move onto the second criteria. 


Every paddler is a different height, weight, and we all possess a different athletic ability. 

If you are honest with yourself, you’ll be able to determine what boards will work for you in terms of your balance on the water as well as your body size. 

To determine what works for you, we’ll break it down as simply as possible. 

The length of a board will determine its tracking in the water. Tracking refers to how far and long a board will travel in the water with one individual paddle stroke. The longer a board is, the better tracking it will have. 

For example, if you tried to paddle a short SUP surfing board like our Goose Bumps 7’11’’ on the flatwater be prepared for a miserable time. The shorter length will not allow the board to travel far with each paddle stroke which will make it difficult to paddle long distances. You’ll be tired in no time. 

However, if you were to take the Goose Bumps into the waves where it was designed to perform, you’d be able to carve up the face with ease! 

Second, the width of a board determines how easy it is to balance side to side in the water. The wider a board is, the easier it is to balance right away. For more balance oriented activities like SUP yoga, you will naturally want a wider board. 

And last, the thicker a board is, the more weight it can float on the water. In addition, the easier it will be to balance as well. 

After you decide what your needs are, honestly ask yourself, “How is my balance and athletic ability?”

If you struggle here, opt for a wider, thicker board and you’ll be a happy paddler.

Evolve Boards for Women 


This one is easy for us at Evolve. We’re all about the style. As you can tell from our full lineup of boards, we don’t just want a board that will paddle well in the water, we want to look great while doing so. 

And we believe we’ve accomplished that. 

But, each of our boards has its own unique feel. Do you like pink? Or blue? Maybe a mixture of both? Do you like the bamboo accents or do you prefer a board that is fully painted?

While it doesn’t determine the performance of a board, we still believe style is important. You want to feel inspired by your paddle board and we have a style to match your inspiration. 


The last attribute you need to consider is the durability you want in your board. And the ability to travel with it if you choose to. 

If you want a board that is ultra-durable and can be checked onto any airplane with ease, then we will have to recommend our Boom Boom Series - and more specifically the Yoga Series. 

This ultra-durable inflatable board is built with military-grade drop-stitch technology that makes it perfect for international travel. And when you roll it up and pack it into its carrying case with wheels, the ease with which you can take it wherever you want to go is unmatched in any hardboard. 

So - ask yourself, “Do I want to travel with my paddle board and take it with me on vacation?” If so, then you might want to consider an inflatable board. 

Top Evolve Paddle Boards for Women

Hopefully by now you have an idea of what you want to use your board for and the specific style you enjoy. 

With the above questions answered, you should be able to easily choose the best Evolve Board designed for women out of the list below:

Designed specifically for SUP yoga - our Roots board featured a flat deck, thick rails, and a soft Yoloha Yoga cork style deck pad that stretches farther up the length of the board. 

This is the best SUP Yoga board on the market. And if you desire to practice yoga throughout the season, this should be your number one choice. 

Even though it’s great for practicing poses, it also performs well in long distance paddles. The design features the Paddilac layout which is great for flat water with an added thickness to the rails for an increase in balance. And it retains enough rocker in the nose and tail for ocean paddles. 

Where it may not perform is in the surf. But as a SUP yoga platform and cruising paddler, the Roots Yoga SUP is unmatched. 

Evolve Boards for Women

Our newest addition to the lineup is the Freshy. As the name states, this board is a fresh take on an old Evolve favorite - the Paddilac. 

Consider this board the perfect combination of the aforementioned Paddilac and the Roots Yoga SUP. 

The Freshy is a blend of stability, volume and cruise.  It is as stable as our Roots Yoga board, cruises like our Paddilac and floats like a bigger board.

If you’re not sure about your balance abilities, this is the perfect board for you. 

This is a great board for the lighter rider. The smaller Good Buddy has our familiar Paddilac shape—just sized down a bit. 

If you lack upper body strength, find our other models too big, bulky, or heavy to carry, then the Good Buddy is the choice for you. 

In addition, this board maintains a longboard shape which makes it fantastic in small to midsize waves. 

If you want to switch between flatwater cruising and playing around in the waves, the Good Buddy is the board for you. 

Where it might not perform optimally due to its size and thickness is in SUP yoga.


This is the ultimate board for SUP travel and SUP yoga. The soft deck pad stretches the entire length of the board making it the ultimate platform for SUP yoga no matter where you are. It also performs great in any flatwater paddling setting. 

Combine that with the easy to use carrying case and ability to pump up wherever you are and you have the ultimate combination of transport and performance. 

Where it might not perform its best is in the waves. The thicker rails and inflated body will make it difficult to catch waves and even harder to turn in one. 

We have a habit of saving the best for last. This is most definitely the case when it comes to the Paddilac. 

This is our original flagship board. And has been a favorite for Evolve and our customers since its creation way back when. 

The reasons for this are many. To put it simply, it’s the ultimate board for a beginner of almost all sizes, cruises easily in the flatwater, can be used for SUP yoga, and is a great beginner board for catching waves. 

This board is the Swiss Army Knife of the Evolve Boards lineup and is a great choice for women to get on board and enjoy some time on the water! 


We hope this simple breakdown will make your next purchase an easier decision to make. Of course, if you have any additional questions, need any advice, or want a further breakdown to help make your choice, drop us a message! We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to help get you on the water.