Board Profile: Roots Yoga SUP!

Board Profile: Roots Yoga SUP!

In case you haven't heard, practicing yoga on a SUP board has boomed over the past few years. Paddlers and yogis alike are flocking to the water with the ability to paddle to a quiet, private spot, surrounded by nature, underneath the sun and revel in the beauty of practicing yoga in nature. It has transformed the power of their practices and has led many devotees to not only participate in as many classes as they can but also expand their knowledge by undertaking their own teacher training. As the movement increased so did our line of yoga boards. 

Our original Roots SUP yoga board featured a Yoloha Yoga cork deck stretched a little farther than our standard boards in order to give yogis a natural surface to practice on as well as added room to make those poses more comfortable. With its pink rails and green center color, it quickly stood out as one of the best yoga boards on the market. But what also set the Roots SUP apart was the ability to comfortably paddle in any condition as well. 

Measuring in at 10'6''x32''x5'' the Roots SUP doesn't sacrifice paddling for specialty. Most other board brands who create a yoga board do it with the specificity of yoga in mind. They tend to make either a shorter, more square board or a larger, box board. They do this to give the illusion to the paddler that they are still standing on a wide, flat deck, to mimic how yoga feels inside the studio. These boards are often too short to paddle long distances or too big to comfortably maneuver in and out of the water. Well, we at Evolve didn't feel like this was a good trade-off. Most people do not have the extra cash laying around to buy multiple boards so we set out to produce a board that was great for yoga but also amazing to paddle. And that is what we did. Not only does the Roots board come with a flat deck, but it also keeps the supreme paddling dimensions of the Padillac intact, thus ensuring our yogis will be able to transition to paddlers with ease. 

As the popularity of SUP yoga grew so did the interest in our Roots board and with it the requests for more gender neutral colors and options. Which is why we decided to expand our lineup to include a blue/green combination and a white/bamboo combination to fit every paddler's needs. With these styles fully entrenched into the lineup, we started to see more male paddlers participating in classes which is a great expansion to see not only for yoga but for the SUP world as a whole. And with this expansion we also decided to include an inflatable board to the lineup for ease of travel. The inflatable also features a full deck pad, unique styling, and the added benefit of being able to roll it up and store it in a back-pack which will be able to be checked by any airline. That's right yogis, take your Roots on the road with you!!

As we move into the future of SUP you can count on Evolve to change with the industry. We are always looking for innovative ways to please our customers and provide top quality boards as well as customer service. We think we have done just that with our Roots SUP lineup of boards. If you have any questions or would like to contact us for any reason, feel free reach out to us and we can answer any and all of your questions! And most importantly, we can't wait to see you out on the water transforming your practice from downward dog to full headstand on our Roots SUP!