Ambassador Spotlight: Johnny Bmore

Ambassador Spotlight: Johnny Bmore
Meet John Mikulski, or as he is better known around Ocean City, Johnny Bmore. Johnny is the king of stoke, never letting an opportunity for a good paddle, a set of waves, or a sunny day go to waste. He first appeared on Evolve's radar during the Christmas season a few years ago, when he wandered into a local SUP shop asking about purchasing a board for his wife. Little did he know, this small act of kindness would kick-start a passion for the water which lay dormant in him for years.

After a few false starts, different board trials, and getting to know his own body in regards to getting onto the water, Johnny became obsessed with the activity of SUP- even going as far as paddling 365 days straight, and 418 days in total! Evolve followed his journey, along with his friends, on social media, cheering him on when he found himself paddling through snow and even icy waters. Through his trials, tribulations, and his ability to push himself farther than most people, Johnny quickly became a competent paddler in all areas of SUP- surfing, racing, down-winding, even teaching his young daughters how to stand on a board. Because of his attitude, his excitement for the sport, and his willingness to get others involved, we invited Johnny to partake in our Ambassador Program.

Johnny has created countless content for Evolve in the form of pictures and videos. Be sure to give him a follow on Instagram @johnnybmore and be on the lookout for his fun video edits on Facebook or YouTube! Outside of videos and pictures you can find Johnny at Assateague Island, eagerly looking for the next wave!

1. Reasons I love SUP and Yoga:
Meditation- being able to lose yourself in the moment. Connection to the elements and nature- allowing you to understand your balance. Fitness-SUP brought me back from a very dark place and I never thought I could be this active again, maybe more than I ever have! Of course the pure energy and adrenaline of fun waves!

2. My favorite way to ‘share stoke & spread aloha’ is:
Helping others learn to enjoy sup especially in the ocean

3. A goal that lights me up:
One day being able to proficiently ride nasty shore break barrels.

4. Words to live by:
"Let the world be" focus on here and now while helping those around you.

5. My guilty pleasure is:
SUGAR ... I have a bad addiction

6. My favorite paddle place in the world is:
Assateague Island... so many fun places but I love my home!

7. Some little known things about me are:
I have broken over 40 bones, I have been in over ten films you can find on DVD (Get to it). Out of all the things I'm passionate about, being a father is my favorite.

8. What I love most about my work is:
Freedom and knowledge, I have an amazing schedule and work 80% from home, allowing me to be very close with my family as well as my passions. My work allows me to learn and develop skills that are extremely important to me.

9. One BIG audacious goal I'm working on is:
I'm not far off! ..More freedom to travel and share the stoke with my family and friends! Maybe one day not have to think about anything else!

10. Three things I can't live without are:
Family, Waves... and ummmm FREEZIE POPS!

11. To me, my 'practice' is:
Paddle Surf and Downwind ARE LIFE!!!