Ambassador Spotlight: Jason Howell

Ambassador Spotlight: Jason Howell
Meet Jason Howell. He has quickly become a key figure in the ever-growing family of Evolve spreading his stoke across the Eastern Shore area. A true lover of nature, yoga and surf, Jason can be often spotted down at Assateague Island, scoping for the next set of waves or on his yoga mat, deepening his practice.

Evolve first became aware of Jason through the local race circuits he was participating in. It was not only his skill which stood out, but his love for the sport. His passion radiated through every stroke he took before reaching the finish line. With our attention captured, we knew we had to add Jason to the team.

With the purchase of our 14'x25'' Evolve Killer Bee, Jason officially became a member of Evolve. From there, he started riding our boards in local races such as the Bay Bridge Paddle, Return to Goat Island, and others. As his experience has deepened and his skills have matured, his passion for the sport has not dampened. Jason has quickly become a prominent member of the Evolve team. If you see him at any local races or scouting surf down on the shore, be sure to start a conversation, ask some questions, and get to know him as well as the products we have to offer.

1. Reasons I love SUP and Yoga: Paddling is my source of meditation & an escape from stressors in life. It’s just me, my board and the water. It helps me turn off the chatter in my mind for a short time and stay fit while being on the water. Yoga too, has become almost a daily practice. I love to take a break with a mid-day yoga session to regroup before getting back to work.

2. My favorite way to ‘share stoke & spread aloha’ is: Sharing stories while in a group paddle session or catching up after races, lessons or surfing. Everybody’s face seems to light up when we’re on the water or around the water.

3. A goal that lights me up: I want to build power & speed while paddling my race board, advance my yoga practice & spend more time on a surfboard.

4. Words to live by: Be authentic to yourself and have fun. We only get one time around on this roller-coaster.

5. My guilty pleasure is: Ice cream. I could eat a carton of it right now if you put it in front of me.

6. My favorite paddle place in the world is: The Annapolis and Kent Island area are my current favorite places; but I’ve been to Costa Rica and seen what it has to offer so that’s at the top of my paddling bucket list.

7. Some little known things about me are: I’ve been married for 12 years and have two beautiful little girls. I race with an Outrigger Canoe team (mostly OC6). I love to play golf. I played D3 College Lacrosse.

8. What I love most about my work is: I have autonomy & the flexibility to be there for all of life’s biggest moments with my wife/kids & be active when I want to.

9. One B​IG ​audacious goal I'm working on is: Paddle a race in Hawaii whether it be on a SUP or in an Outrigger Canoe.

10. Three things I can't live without are: My family; the water; sunshine.

11. To me, my 'practice' is: Being out in the open water, pushing myself & learning to appreciate the present moment.