Ambassador Spotlight: Corrine Banks

Ambassador Spotlight: Corrine Banks
Corrine is an Easter Shore native. Over the years she has added immense value to the people living in Ocean City, MD through her business entitled Balanced 4 Life Fitness where she offers personal training, life coaching, and health and wellness tips to her clients and friends. Over the years she has gained prominence in the paddling scene through her success in racing. Through her own training and never-quit attitude, Corrine has become a staple on the podium for numerous local races. Due to her personable style and visibility in the racing scene, Evolve decided to bring her on-board as a part of our Ambassador program.

Most people see her at her favorite spot in Assateague Island. It is there where Corrine finds her peace and a chance for solitude. Whether it be sliding effortlessly down the face of a wave, or paddling long distance on the bay riding atop a custom Evolve race board, she always has a smile on her face. Lately, she has back away from the racing scene to concentrate on raising her daughter and focus on her own mental and physical well-being. It is through surfing, on her Evolve SUP surf or Evolve long board, where Corrine finds her deepest expression of love for the sport of paddling and nature. If you see her packing up her boards on her blue Jeep in the parking lot, feel free to ask her about the best surfing spots on the island and what board would make the best fit for you. Her knowledge and willingness to engage with potential paddlers is boundless.

You can find more about Corrine at her website here. Be sure to check out her blog where she offers tips, tricks and health information in detail and if you are looking for a personal trainer, drop her a line. She is certified and has an immense amount of experience guiding clients to be the fittest, happiest, and healthiest versions of themselves. In addition, her life-coaching has changed the life course of countless clients by creating a positive atmosphere combined with a goal-oriented mindset where she helps people accomplish small goals that lead to larger ones. We are beyond happy to have Corrine on the team and cannot wait to see what she has in store for the New Year.

1. Reasons I love SUP and Yoga: Both SUP and Yoga provide an invaluable way for me to get out of my head and live joyfully in the moment re-centering myself no matter what is going on around me.

2. My favorite way to ‘share stoke & spread aloha’ is: Happily share information about the Evolve boards I’m surfing on whether it be prone or SUP by the many people who stop me to ask on the beach.

3. A goal that lights me up: Living each day to the fullest while slowing down to find the big and small child-like joy that you can only appreciate if you make a conscious effort to do so.

4. Words to live by: More regrets come from neglecting to do what you really love versus what you feel obligated to do.

6. My favorite paddle place in the world is: My back yard of Assateague island thus far.

7. Some little known things about me are: I have been a self-taught surfer for 27 years and counting and it is the only sport that has kept me passionate. The only things I knew I wanted to do in my post-high school years were to be a beach bum and a mom so you could say I am living my dream! I daydream about living the #vanlife or taking a year to be a traveling nomad. It remains a daydream as I am still a single mom raising a teenager so it isn’t practical at the moment. I love what I do personal training however, if I have an opportunity to retire, I would in a heartbeat as I have so many hobbies and not enough time.

8. What I love most about my work is: Helping people reach their goals hands down is what I love most. I have been in points in my life where I was winning a lot of big races and still hearing about small victories in a client's health and self-esteem that I had a part in helping people to achieve gets me more excited than my own victories.

9. One BIG audacious goal I'm working on is: That question 3 or 4 years ago would have been one of the race goals I had. But, I set and obtained them all twice and no longer care about competition. These days my only goal is letting go of everything that is not really important and prioritizing time with people that I love and things that I am passionate about such as the time at the beach and surfing.

10. Three things I can't live without are: My daughter. The ocean. Me time.

11. To me, my 'practice' is: to workout through play. I choose what I feel like doing each day. Which lately has been surfing, mountain biking, playing tennis, running, yoga, short strength workouts, road biking, swimming, hiking, and paddling.