The Stokester says it all. This versatile SUP surfboard is a great all around board for the mid to light weight rider. It has a quad fin future set up and tie downs to carry a paddle for those long walks or when you’re exhausted from catching too many waves. The Stokester comes with a plug to mount your GoPro camera so you can relive that perfect session. The Stokester models utilize sandwiched bamboo lightweight construction, or brushed flyweight carbon. Send us your SUP surf pix and share the Stoke! Paddle out, get wet, get in the lineup cause these conditions won’t last long…..

  • 9'4" x 30" x 4.5" (143 Litres)
  • Mid to Light Weight Rider
  • Tie Downs
  • Camera Plug
evolve board technology

Evolve Bamboo Sandwich Construction

A High density lightweight EPS foam core.
B 6oz premium biaxial fiberglass-epoxy resin
C Carbon fiber patch standing area
D .6mm bamboo veneer
E 6oz premium biaxial fiberglass-epoxy resin
F Epoxy hot coat
G Wood stringer
H Ledge handle. Recessed ergonomically designed carrying grip.
- Reinforced rails, "W" handle and fin boxes
- 2 leach plugs, 4 tiedowns, 1 go pro mount