So you want to ride a short or shorter board but can't exactly rip on those potato chip boards the groms can ride. Well this is where the Patata Gordo (Fat Potato) comes into play. Its that grovler style board that is fun on small to medium size days when the wave doesn't have enough punch for the short agressive board or you are beginner to intermediate and just want to catch waves. The wider profile and fairly low rocker create a more forgiving outline, making it easier to catch any size wave. Its rounded pintail makes for smooth, easy turning. The Gordo has a quad fin setup (+center), and is ideal for east coast wave riders.

  • 6'2" x 22"
  • Mid to Light Weight Rider
  • FCSII fin boxes
  • Camera Plug

evolve board technology

Evolve Bamboo Sandwich Construction

A High density lightweight EPS foam core.
B 6oz premium biaxial fiberglass-epoxy resin
C Carbon fiber patch standing area
D .6mm bamboo veneer
E 6oz premium biaxial fiberglass-epoxy resin
F Epoxy hot coat
G Stringerless
H FCSII Fin boxes
- Reinforced rails
-1 go pro mount