Big Sexy or Guide Series

Both boards easily carry over three hundred pounds and are specially designed for the fishing fanatic. The Big Sexy features a flat, wide deck and tie downs behind the feet that will secure your cooler, as well as seven interchangeable Connexsup attachments making it easy for you to outfit your board with poles, tackle, etc. however you please. The Evolve Guide series is also the ultimate fishing vehicle. Stability characteristics like full / square rails, wide profile, single concave bottom contours and a flat platform to stand. Tie downs and the flat deck for your cooler will let you sit during lulls, store your fresh catch or cold beer. Yoloha Cork, Non slip cork surface offers antimicrobial properties and a renewable and recyclable material that is perfect for fish and gear odors. With unique bottom design and blue camo print with bamboo white smoke deck this Fishing board not only looks cool but will get you to the fish faster than any other board. Now Go FISH!

  • 10'10" x 35" or 11'6" x 33"
  • Great for Fishing and heavier paddlers
  • 8 attachment tie downs
  • riders up to 300 lbs
  • Camera Plug

    evolve board technology

    Evolve Bamboo Sandwich Construction

    A High density lightweight EPS foam core.
    B 6oz premium biaxial fiberglass-epoxy resin
    C Carbon fiber patch standing area
    D .6mm bamboo veneer
    E 6oz premium biaxial fiberglass-epoxy resin
    F Epoxy hot coat
    G Wood stringer
    H Ledge handle. Recessed ergonomically designed carrying grip.
    - Reinforced rails, "W" handle and fin boxes
    - 2 leach plugs, 4 tiedowns, 1 go pro mount