Big Deal

The Big Deal is similar in shape to its popular cousin, the Paddillac with just a little more length and thickness. Its outline allows for a nice straight paddle with easy glide. This board comfortably rides 250 pounds, and performs well in the surf with easy turning for the larger rider. It has 6 tie downs for all your gear and 2 leash plugs. This board is still extremely light and makes a great family board.  The added volume lends extra stability while still making for a fun, easy paddle. We think it's kind of a big deal.

evolve board technology

Evolve Bamboo Sandwich Construction

A High density lightweight EPS foam core.
B 6oz premium biaxial fiberglass-epoxy resin
C Carbon fiber patch standing area and Kevlar rails
D .6mm bamboo veneer
E 6oz premium biaxial fiberglass-epoxy resin
F Epoxy hot coat
G Wood stringer
H Ledge handle. Recessed ergonomically designed carrying grip.
- Reinforced rails, "W" handle and fin boxes
- 2 leach plugs, 4 tiedowns, 1 go pro mount

Choice is Yours

We offer 3 different colors including:
1.Grey Rail / Blue
2.Blue Rail / Orange