Jo Giorgio

A face to face encounter with this force of nature is the best way to experience Jo Giorgio. Born in Adelaide, Australia, this international Hairstylist, certified Life and Spiritual coach, Sup Yoga and Yoga teacher divides her time between her homes in Manhattan, Aspen and Marina Del Rey. Dedicated to her salon in Australia Jo commuted every 2 months from the USA to Australia for over 20 years continuing to work with her exclusive clientele. Jos passion is people. She has been of service her whole life whether making them beautiful on the outside or working with them on the inside to build courage, find peace and develop the skills needed to create the life they want. Jo describes herself as an “upmarket hippy” Driven but balanced this straight shooting fearless new age pioneer has the ability to inspire. Jo loves life and has customized her lifestyle to suit her career and her passions staying connected to the people and places she loves. She fell in love with SUP Yoga instantly. ‘Being on my board everyday has changed the way I live my life. Its a peace and happiness I have never felt before’. Jo is now using the board in her life coaching sessions, "its super fun builds confidence and brings clarity in a healthy form" When Jo is not on her board she practices Bikram and Iyengar yoga and is a diehard snow skier. Whilst Jo has great success in her life, she says with excitement ‘‘I am just getting started’’.

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