Agnes Castellan Rodriguez

Agnes grew up in the south of France, where the water was her main element. You could never get this kid out of the water! Fast forward a few years later, and it’s still pretty much the same. As a long time yoga practitioner, certified yoga teacher and overall outdoor enthusiast, when Agnes found SUP yoga, it was love at first float! In the summer, she takes her yoga practice onto her pink “roots” board exclusively, connecting to nature and its amazing benefits. She also shares her passion by teaching SUP yoga classes in upstate NY, where she’s located now. “SUP yoga allows developing inner strength and stability. You not only have to work with your body but also with the elements: optimal conditions are not always there; there might be waves, a breeze, distracting sounds… There is no other choice but to accept the moment as it is. This is true yoga.” When Agnes isn’t on her SUP board, you can find her on land on her yoga mat, on a mountain bike, or on a pair of skis. And when she absolutely has to be adulting, she does digital marketing consulting.

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